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Artist Statement

I am a 24 year old photographer based in Florence, Alabama. For a large part of my life, I was alone. As the daughter of a musician and sister to a runaway, most nights were filled with silence and isolation. In the quietness of my childhood, I became hyper-aware of everything around me. I obsessed over the smallest details whether it be from the texture of fabrics, color pallets in film, or the way light passed through a condensation covered window on a cold day. It was important for me to observe these things because being seen was what I wanted for myself. I was able to take my subconscious obsession and integrate it into my work. In my photography, I don’t typically show the entirety of a scene. I find when I do, I become overwhelmed and uncomfortable. I feel as though I lose the small details that make up the bigger picture. I want every subject matter to have its own moment, using the details within the frame to help build it a glorified moment in time. When I capture a life event, concert, or person they become moments in my story. Being involved like this makes me feel as though I belong to something, and that was what I have been looking for my entire life.

Getting Connected
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